Eastern Sydney

Eastern Suburbs

You Can Choose From the Following Methods

Steam Cleaning –

Recommended for carpets that require cleaning every 6 months, have stains and soiling. It is a ‘hard-on- dirt’ method and gives and industrial kind of strengthened clean.

Dry Cleaning –

Recommended for delicate carpets, with no soiling or stains, usually the ones that are cleaned every 4 months or so.

Portable Hot Water Extraction –

Recommended for high-rises or not-so- easily accessible areas since this method ensures exceptional and thorough cleaning.

Apart from the above Buzzolution Carpet Cleaners Provide the Following Services too

  • Upholstery
  • Curtain/Venetian
  • Flood Restoration Services
  • Stain Removal including Antibacterial Treatments
  • Mattress

Why Choose Buzzolution Carpet Cleaning Brisbane?

  • We advise which method – dry clean or steam is better for your carpets.
  • Our technicians use walk-on- dry technology.
  • Professional technicians who are fully-trained regarding the chemistry used for stain and soiling removal.
  • We strictly do not believe in leaving any soapy residue behind.
  • Being dedicated towards children and pet care we use eco-friendly solutions that do not harm them.
  • We ensure customer satisfaction.