Filtration Soiling

Filtration Soiling

Things You Need to Know About Filtration Soiling

Filtration soiling refers to the accumulation of airborne soil which includes dust, smog, tobacco, smoke and other pollutants. Carpets tend to filter these pollutants which thereby turn the carpet soiled and dark. The process may take years and even months or weeks to become more visible to the human eye. As bad luck would have it, it gets more visible on the colour of carpets we usually opt for. For instance, carpets of slighter colours such as off-whites, light greys, pastels and beiges are more prone to the visibility of filtration of soiling.

How Filtration Soiling Happens?

Well, usage of heating and air conditioning systems causes airflows, thermal expansion and contraction of air happens, and then to top it all there are natural convection currents in the structure too. Filtration soiling can also happen because of the wind blowing through the windows that remain open on regular basis.

Buzzolution Carpet Cleaning is Here to Correct It

Since natural fibres like wools do not bear the chemically aggressive cleaning techniques usually required to remove filtration soil, we use a method with steps that help to the utmost level of cleaning precision. Our four-step procedure aims to successfully remove 90-100% of the most affected areas.