Lower North Shore

Lower North Shore

When it comes to carpet and upholstery cleaning services in Lower North Shore, you need not look further than Buzzolution Carpet Cleaning services. We hold all the required experience when it comes to not only various carpet and upholstery cleaning methods but training and equipment too.
We provide the best services and the best results on the market. You do not need to worry with our around the clock services since we receive calls at any point. Our Lower North Shore team of carpet cleaning experts is always ready to get the job done with top-quality results.

For Finest Results, You Can Choose from the Following Range of Services

Steam Cleaning – Preferred for carpets that require cleaning each 6 months, have stains and soiling. It is a ‘tough-on-dirt’ method and gives an industrial clean.
Dry Cleaning – Suggested for fragile carpets, with no soiling or stains, usually the ones that are recommended to be cleaned every 4 months or so.
Portable Hot Water Extraction – Opted for high-rises or not-so-easily accessible areas since this method ensures outstanding and systematic cleaning.

The Advantage Edge at Buzzolution Carpet Cleaning

  • Dry Cleaning and Steam Cleaning, according to your choice and the condition of your carpet
  • Walk-on-dry technology
  • No soapy residue
  • Fully-trained technicians with know-how of the chemistry involved in carpet cleaning solutions
  • Chemical Solutions that are children, pet and environment friendly