Stains & Spots

At Buzzolution Carpet Cleaning, following is our policy regarding the stains and spots removal process.The price for standard spotting and stain removal is included in our cleaning price for dry cleaning and steam cleaning process.
During the dry cleaning or steam cleaning process, there are some obstinate stains that the simple cleaning process cannot do. That’s where our extra treatments like ‘heat transfer methods’ and ‘spot dying’ come in the picture. For these procedures, we consider discussing on whether the stains can be removed or not and quote you accordingly.
For a fact, the stains that are obstinate enough take 30 minutes per stain to get removed. Also,since some stains are permanent, we not guarantee removal of such stains that cannot be removed using any kind of treatment. Luckily enough, our cleaning processes are efficient enough and 85% of the cases do not even require extra treatments for spotting and removal of stains.

We go for the following stains removal processes:

  • Dog Poo Removal Process – completed in 4 steps.
  • Red Ink Removal Process – completed in 4 steps.
  • Candle Wax Removal Process – completed in 3 steps.
  • Red Wine Removal Process – takes 6 steps to be completed.
  • Red Cordial Removal Process – takes 3 steps to be completed.