Steam Carpet Cleaning

It’s no secret how the most common form of steam cleaning is a one-stage process. Twenty years in and still many carpet cleaning service providers use a one-stage process that leaves detergent residues in the carpet. Further, unfortunately, this promotes rapid resoiling of your carpet too.

We, at Buzzolution, do not use the old methods where the carpet cleaner comes with a portable machine to your home, which you can also easily rent from the local supermarket or any hardware store, for that matter. Then, they clean the carpet with the steam cleaning machine that is filled with water and detergent. Also, they do not consider using any pre-spray or agitation.

We, clearly, are not in favour of this ‘splash and dash’ method without a rinse process.
Following is the six-stage process that we, at Buzzolution, use with utmost professionalism:

Stage One

We pre-spray the carpet with a biodegradable cleaning solution.

Stage Two

Our carpet cleaning professionals perform rotary agitation that ensures soil separation, including spot and stain removal.

Stage Three

In stage three, the carpet cleaners focus on any remaining spots and stains. These are then treated separately until they disappear.

Stage Four

We perform hot water extraction, i.e. the carpet is steam cleaned.

Stage Five

No residues should be left in the carpet so we apply carpet rinse for pH balance.

Stage Six

At the final stage, we apply quality deodoriser onto the carpet so that the odour is neutralized.