Rug Cleaning

At Buzzolution, we perform rug cleaning following two different methods.

Method #1

In this method of rug cleaning, we provide steam clean or dry clean your rugs at your premises.

We use the same stages as used for carpet cleaning. This method, however, is not advised in the following two cases:
  • The rugs are soiled by pet urine.
  • The rugs are delicate. For instance, rugs that are silk, hand woven or the antique rugs.

Method #2

In this method of rug cleaning, we beat the rug in order to remove all the dust within. We choose between hand washing the rugs or machine washing them. Further, we put the rug in the drying room for up to 48 hrs and allow it to dry. While the method #1 doesn’t go well with heavily soiled rugs and rugs spoiled because of pet urine, method #2 is considered as the best and a thorough method to clean heavily soiled rugs.

Our Strengths at Buzzolution Carpet Cleaning

We, at Buzzolution Carpet Cleaners, clean all types of rugs ranging from Persian Oriental rugs, machine made wool area rugs, Killim rugs, hall runners to Dhurrie rugs.