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With nationwide coverage, Carpet Cleaning is a leading carpet cleaning business in Australia. For utmost customer satisfaction, we at Carpet Cleaning, use the finest and the most powerful equipment. Our technicians are fully trained and certified in various carpet cleaning services.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

We know every carpet cleaning situation is unique. Steam carpet cleaning is the most common method used for both carpets and upholstery cleaning. We dry, clean and sanitize the inanimate surfaces, ground-in dirt and debris that may or may not be visible to the naked eye.

Leather Sofa Cleaning

With the ultimate leather sofa cleaning services by Carpet Cleaning, you can get your sofa cleaned safely and effectively. We understand the fact that leather is a superb investment and adds a touch of class. With our services you can restore its natural shine and vibrancy.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

We use specialized machines to clean carpets with recently developed chemical technologies. This results in not only removal of stains, debris, sand and allergens but also in carpet beautification. We help you keep your carpet visually pleasing, healthier and potentially longer-lasting.

Why Choose Us?

We are certified and professional technicians. Firstly, we analyze your carpet completely and note down all the heavily-spoiled or high-traffic areas. Further, our carpet cleaning specialists use the method required, accordingly. We know whether to dry clean or steam clean. The varied services that we provide turn us a reputable carpet cleaning service provider. We have built an unbeatable customer base with satisfied clients through our best carpet cleaning, fabric and leather sofa cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, mattress cleaning, water damage restoration, per stain services general cleaning services and more. The top quality results come along with impeccable customer services.

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We take on every cleaning project with a sheer objective of completing the work with top quality results.

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    ” Thank you once again for doing a great job. The horrible stains including the stains of red wines are now gone and credit goes to you. Our restaurant’s carpet looks no less than a new one. We’ll certainly pass on your contact for our hotel’s carpet cleaning requirements. “

    Mark Anthony

    ” The team has done a fabulous job cleaning our carpets. Every technician was professional and did the job with consistency and perfection. Thank you so much! “

    Christina Hardy

    ” Carpet cleaning is hard. Ours had become a mess to say the least. The carpets now, however, are good as new. Thanks to the team! “

    Jane Bennett

    ” Your company never fails to deliver the best carpet cleaning services. I am amazed how you make it look so easy, even when it is not. Excellent work! Thank you! “

    Jessica Lee
     Our Happy Clients Have To Sa

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