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Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration By Carpet Cleaners

Water damage restoration procedures are opted when any kind of water related disaster occurs. For instance, some of the disasters may include overflow of the washing machine, bath overflow, burst pipe, rain water from your balcony etc. We understand that water damage restoration is not just about drawing and cleaning the water. Our professional technicians concentrate on the problem the wood or the concrete beneath your carpet shall be dried too.

In Order To Save You From Other Mould Or Odour Problems, We Follow The Process Given Below:

Step 1: We visit your premises and focus on drawing the water using our potent vacuum extraction equipment.
Step 2: We, then, apply the browning treatment to the carpet. This prevents it from getting unwanted stains.
Step 3: At this step, we focus on moving the furniture on the foam blocks. This prevents the furniture from getting any further damage because of water.
Step 4: The moment demands us to see whether there is any kind of damage beneath the carpet, so we lift the corners to inspect any kind of damage.
Step 5: We then install the drying equipment. The equipment includes air movers or dehumidifiers. We leave them on the site until the area is completely dry.
Step 6: We keep on visiting your premises on a daily basis to inspect the drying progress.
Step 7: At this step, we relay the carpet once it’s dried.
Step 8: In the last step, we focus on steam cleaning of the carpet. And finally, we deodorise the carpet on the completion of the water restoration.
Notable Points on Water Damage Restoration
• Areas like bedrooms take up to 24-48 hours to dry completely while using the drying equipment such as air movers and dehumidifiers.
• Further, since Australian standards are not for allowing water damage restoration of sewage affected areas, we do not perform water damage restoration for premises affected by sewage overflow. The carpet as well the underlay shall be removed and disposed. Also, you should opt for deodorising the flooring too.